Abstract—This paper posits the need for an integrated micro

services framework for handling all business and student services

at our local University. We present the research question, "to

what extent do the functionalities of the micro service

frameworks provide beneficial considerations for the

implementation of a micro service system within the University

campus environment?" We discuss the response to this question

regarding using a use case implementation now in progress from

our enterprise systems solution - ISAS (Integrated Student

Assessment System). The assumption is to implement functional

micro-services to support our student and staff environments like

never before. As such, the pivot from traditionally monolithic

legacy systems to one that is component-based and service-driven

is urgently necessary to allow our University to support all its

application layered services continuously. The adaption of

scalable micro services architectures focuses on Universities like

ours to keep delivering a sustainable virtual presence. We use the

summary perspectives presented in this paper to inform other

institutions seeking to make these changes part of driving

workable virtualized infrastructure, both containerized and

serverless in design.

Keywords—micro-services, framework, campus, architectures