Title: Seizing the opportunities for Infrastructure Transformation

The more empowered consumers every day demand better experiences in the provision of services. An adaptive capacity, organizational ambidexterity, is required that allows reviewing new business models, incorporates innovation and at the same time incorporates new technological enablers. All this in order to generate changes in the experiences of people and the business processes of companies.

A great opportunity of billions in new business is in front of us. The digital world, accelerated by the pandemic and all these changes reduce friction with the physical world, generating a change in the day-to-day of companies / people. In the industrial business world, precision agriculture, Industry 4.0, smart ports, smart parks or smart branches are changing the way mission-critical systems are run. In the world of end consumers, new experiences of connected home, gaming and stadium entertainment, or virtual tourism together with augmented reality are today disrupting.

The key to embracing this opportunity for organizations is to add (1) new capabilities at scale, (2) develop a new culture of innovation, (3) expand the business ecosystem, (4 ) cradle the principles of sustainability and (5) above all drive the purpose. Purpose Mission - Changing Everyday

Lives - Universities, IT Professionals and companies are agents of transformation in society, providing what new skills can be developed to address this world of opportunities together….